Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

Hey Mom,

Yeah, the 10 months kind of took me off guard too. Double digits. Ew. Oh
well. It is weird to think that Elder Wahl, my trainer, was in his 7th
transfer when he trained me, and he seemed really old, and in a week I will
be in my 7th. Weird.

I will send a bunch more picutres, the internet was really slow last week,
so that is why I didn't send that many. And I didn't bring my memory card
this week, but next week I will try to send some more.

We are still working with Jorge, he is coming slowly but surely, as well as
a couple other people. We found a lot of new people to teach this last week
too, so things are looking like they should explode here pretty soon, that
will be really exciting. It is always nice when things are going well.

I usually don't like to talk about my Spanish, because if I say I am really
good, it sounds prideful, and if I say I don't it is self depreciating, but
I will just give a couple examples I guess, then you can decide for
yourself. I gave a 15 minute talk in church, none of which was written
down. In the last week, while talking to people in the park and such, I
have had several 30-50 minute conversations, where about 20 is about the
gosple, the rest just about other things. Stuff like that. So I guess to
answer your question, I must certainly can bear my testimony in Spanish,
without any english. I can do most thing without any english, just a few
words here and there that I don't use every day, like the other day I didn't
know how to say lock or cucumber in Spanish. I will try to record a little
bit of me speaking Spanish and send it to you.

I am down to less than a month being a teenager! I don't want to be 20.
That is old.

Omni Pod rep has not called me.

I do like the Black better than the brown. Haha. But yeah, being in the
city and not having been in a car for my whole mission, the shoes wear out

Yes, we spray for bed bugs, and all kinds of bugs. We do eveything we can,
but even after you do all you can, sometimes it just isn't enough.

It sounds like veryone is doing really well. That is good. This last week
was really good. We had a lot of success with finding new people to teach.
My companions Spanish is coming along too. I've been "forcing" him to go
talk to people by himself, and if he needs he can call me over and I'll back
him up, so it is coming along. The weather has been different. Cold, hot,
humid, all of it. It's just how it goes in New York. But everything is
going well. Transfer calls will be this Sunday, we will see what goes on.
It is almost a given that I will stay here, but as for my companion we will
have to wait and see.

I love you so much, I better get going soon. You are always in my prayers.
I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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