Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009

Hey Mom,

So another week has come and gone. It is crazy how fast time is going by.
It is kind of scaring me. But oh well. :)

Jorge is going good. We had a good lesson with him yesterday. He is
working towards baptism, we will just have to wait and see how it goes.
Keep him in your prayers.

If you send me the slide show I can watch it. That would be super sweet.

So I included a few pics. One is of when we sang for Mother's Day. Another
is of me and Elder Lee being sad. Haha. Another is of the district,
wearing glasses. And the last is a cockroche that we killed the other day
in our apartment. It was ginormous. Anyways.

Our church looks just like a church inside, just not outside. It is kind of
weird, but I like it. I played by default. There is one person in the
branch that can play, but she wasn't there, so the missionaries get the next
ask, and me and Elder Lee as both capable of playing one hand, so it was
between him and me, and I got it that week.

Well we had a few days notice on this talk, but in spanish is kind of weird.
But I like giving talks, so it's cool. You know when I wrote me farewell
talk don't you? While I was sitting on the stand. Haha. Those
communications classes I took it college helped me a lot.

The BBQ Zone activity was pretty fun, and Zone Conference was good too.
President does come to Zone Conference and he talks and such. They are
really good. They really pump you up spritually.

It is just a couple weeks until we have a new president. It will be really

Okay Pods, I got them all. So I am good on pods. I did not get any of the
bandage things, tagderms? I don't remember. Insulin I should be good, and
I am not sure on strips. I will get an exact count and e-mail you next
monday. I will also get you the Rite Aid address.

Okay, so you know how you always tell me to wear out my shoes. Well, the
other day it was raining really bad, and yep, it happened. My feet were
soaked. Haha. So I think that means that I have sufficently wore out my
shoes. They have holes through the soles. So, it may be time for some new
ones. So do you think you could get me and send me some. It is just the
black ones. The brown ones are still in decent shape. Obviously I will be
glad with anything you send me, but I from my experience looking at other
missionaries shoes, eccos are the way to go. And ecco makes this kind, they
are called New York Bicycle actually I believe (go figure, New York) and
they are square toe, and the have lasted tons of missionaries the whole two
years, so those would be sweet, but let me know. :) You are the best.

This week was pretty slow. Lots of hard work with not much success to show
for it. BUt that's how it goes sometimes. We have a few people taht are
looking good, but we are going to continue working hard and see what

I have to agree with Heidee, I played for graduation that one year, and pomp
and circumstance I am so very sick of.

Well, things are going pretty good otherwise. You know how as a joke in
Utah you say don't let the bed bugs bite. Well, it isn't a joke in New
York, it happens a lot, and I got my very first bed bug bite this week. It
has been amazing that I have gone this long without a single one. I haven't
got any more since though, so that is good, because sometimes you get
thousands, and it gets really serious, so I am good. As you saw by the
picture, roches are fun too. The pad I am in now has the worst roches I
have had yet. Good old Jamaica.

Well, I better get going. I love you so much. Let me know if there is
anything I can do for anybody. Tell next week. I love you.

-Elder Miller

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