Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

Hey All,

Okay, so I know you have been waiting like a whole freakin week to find out were I am, since now I have been here for about a week. And so instead of delaying like I always have, I will just tell you straight up. I am now in Rego Park. That is the area that the mission office is in. So back to Queens I am. My companion is Elder Oliva. He is from Guatemala. It is pretty sweet. I already new him because we served in Brooklyn at the same time. So I am pretty excited about everything. It is a little weird getting back used to only being around Spanish speaking people, because everyone here is hispanic. But I am enjoying it a lot, and I have already met a lot of people I am already getting along with really well.

We are already having incredible success too. We just started teaching a couple younger people from Bolivia, who already are having plans to be baptized. We have a lot of other good people too. I am still getting to know all of them. But I am really excited.

I am going to have to let you know about all of the rite aids and such, as I am not really sure. I know there is a Target really close. There is not a Wal Mart but there should be a lot of Rite Aids.

Okay, so you have to hear something funny. You know how I finally broke down and told you not to get me a new tree? Okay, so this is crazy. Guess where I live? In the same pad that I started my mission. Because we lived in Corona, and now Corona is my area that I work, so weird, rigth? I am using the same desk i used when I started my mission. Okay, and on top of that, my tree was still right where I left it. So I already set it up. Way weird. Both of my Christmass on the mission will be in the same pad. And then also weird, though it already passed, if I would have known, for the pizza, it is actualyl the exact same address as it was last year. Haha, crazy.

When would be best for everyone for me to call? i still need to get that all set up.

So i got the two packages, and I will admit, I broke down and already opened everything. Thank you so much. They were all very fun.

Okay, so in the last like 5 days the weather has changed dramastically. As such, I think I am going to go buy me a new coat so that I can be super warm this winter. Just so you are aware. I don't know if I will for sure, but we are going to look today.

So everythign is going pretty well around here. It is still weird trying to get used to the city again, and not having a car. They would put me somewhere without a car rigth when it started getting cold. haha. But everything is realyl good.

Thank you so much for doing that Bible thing for me. That is going to be so cool.

It sounds liek everyone is going really well. So that is really cool. It is always good to hear when things are going well.

Well, I love you all very much, I better get going. I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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