Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009

Hey Mom,

It was great to talk to all of you too. It really made my day. Christmas was pretty good. We ended up just eating with the family that we were at there house doing the calls. We just had some sandwiches and some hot chocolate. In the spanish culture, the 25th isn't a very big day. Everything is done on the 24th, so every was already done.

That is cool that Karl is already home, it is weird for everyone to be coming home.

It is nice to know that eveyone is doing well, and that everyone had a good Christmas. I'm sorry everyone was mad at you for hogging the phone. This may sound weird, but it is not that bad, because, well, I will be home pretty soon, so I can just talk to everyone. Haha. Maybe if it was like my first call, it might have been worse, but I only have 1 more now. Weird. Anyways.

Haha, no it was not offensive to be called an office elder. Some of them are pretty cool, the ones right now are alright. Office Elders have always been English, so that should never happen to me, the AP's have changes back and forth, I think they will be english for a while though.

The work is going alright. A lot of people are having a lot of struggles that we are workign through right not, but I hope they will all work out.

The coat for $30 was sweet. it was exactly what I wanted too. A pretty "cool" looking coat.

ON New Years eve we have a 6 at night curfew. We are trying to find a fun game or something that we can play that night. Staying in is always hard. I would rather be out working. BUt oh well, I don't want to get killed by a drunk driver either.

I Spaced off the Rite Aid things, sorry. I know I need strips pretty soon. I think i ahve like 70 left. But just give me one more week I guess. haha. Sorry again for spacing it.

Well, I will get going now. Sorry if the email is short or lame, but I jsut barely talked to all of you. Haha. I love you all so much. Until next week.

-Elder MIller

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