Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009


Yep, Rego Park. I do absolutely no work out of the mission office. That is where I go to church on Sunday, but that is all I have to do with it. The only missionaries that do anything as far as "work" in the mission office are the Assistants to the President and 2 Elders that are fittingly called "Office Elders". And I am neither of those and so I don't do anything out of the mission office.

As far as packages go, so far I have recieved the 1 from Sandee, 1 from Kadee, and 1 from you that had a few things in it, including something from Heidee. So that is all I have recieved as of yet. So I guess I should be expecting 1 more. I haven't checked yet today, but I guess we will see. :)

Okay, as far as work goes, I guess I will just keep in brief. We are working really hard, and hopefully we see results from it. We should. You know how we have the time from 3-5 where we can go and get something to eat and take a little break, well, we haven't been taking that. We have been taking about 10 minutes to grab something to eat, and then going right back to work. It has been really good, and really really really tiring. It has been really hard. But really good at the same time. As far as the two Bolivian kids, they are doing really good. They want to get baptized, and are ready to. The older 19 year old one was interviewed last week, passed, and so can get baptized any time. But the mom now is very against it. I am not sure on all the details, but her mom, the grandma talked to her, and went on a "we are catholic" spill or something like that, and totally changed the mom's mind. So we are trying to deal with that right now. We can baptize the 19 year old, becuase past 18 you don't need anyone's permission, but under you need written permission from the parents. So we are going to wait on him and talk to the mom a lot, because we are worried if we go ahead and baptize the son while she is mad, then it will ruin all chanced for the younger sister until she is 18, which would be like 6 years. So it is a hard situation. But we are working on it.

We also have several other people we are workign with. Some really cool really good people. They all have their own personal obsticals that they are trying to get over. It is really hard when you start to try to tak on others problems and all. I love being a missionary, dont' get me wrong, but it will be nice when the day comes that I just have to worry about my own problems. A lot less stress on my back. :)

Okay, so total side note, but I went and got a new coat last monday, and I got a killer deal. I only ended up spending like $30 because it was on like triple clearance.

As far as the weather in NY, it is never clear. It is New York, haha. I like to call the sky in New York a New York Grey. It is pretty nasty most of the time. But you get used to it.

Okay, I haven't checked on the pharmacies yet, I will. I will try to get that done, and then I can just tell you on Christmas. I will also get counts on how much of everything I have, so I can tell you all of that on Christmas too.

We are not going to have a "party" but we are going to have a mission conference on the 24th, so that will be cool. Well maybe, sometime conferences are really boring, but we will see how it goes. I hope it is good.

Well, I probably have more to tell you, but I will just talk to you about it all in a couple days.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

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