Sunday, December 6, 2009

November 30, 2009


So another week up and gone. I will have to see how much of it I can contact to you. This morning we decided to take a road trip. Ok, so I know that sounds crazy, haha, but just a little one. For our P-Day we decided to drive out to Montauk, which is the very end of Long Island. There is a lighthouse there that was built I believe in 1798 under the order of George Washington. So a pretty cool place with really cool views and such. They call it Mantauk - The End. But anyways, we got up at like 3 so that we could get out there and be there for the sunrise. It was really fun. But needless to say, now I am really tired. Probably spend most of the rest of the P-Day sleeping.

I will give you an overview of my Thanksgiving. We started off the day at about 10 were we had a little Turkey Bowl that the Zone Leaders got approved from President to do. So all of the missionaries from our ZOne got together and played some football for a little bit. It was very fun. Then we started off at 12 at Sister Cynthia Jones house. She is a very nice lady, a recent convert of a few months, older, and from Jamaica. It was the normal Thankgiving meal but she had done everything organic. It was good. Then we went over to a different Jones. They are an older couple, and there son was there, who lives in the branch, his wife was in Utah. And they had invited a Senior MIsionary couple from new Jersey that they knew. It was excellent. Afterwhich we went over to the Andersons, but we were late on the food, no big deal though, I couldn't have ate more. We more so went over to visit and have some good times. There daughter was there back from school and BYU, and we got to watch her beat her 13 year oldr brother Spencer and arm wrestling. We told him we were going to make fun of him for it forever. Then we went over to President Scala's, he's the branch president. He is from Chili, and had his sister in law and two other Chilian friends there. Then also the Reynoso's, a family from the ward was there. And an older widow named Betty from the ward. It was fun because it was very Spanglish the whole time, and all the none member friends that were there were amazed taht we spoke Spanish. That rounded out the night. We were going to go to the Rothenberg's, but the canceled and we went over the next day to help them move some stuff. So it was a great day.

The weather seemed good for the Parade. I know part of the Anderson family went and saw it.

We went and saw Fernando yesterday, and he seemed to be doing realyl good. He is home except for when he has to go in for Chemo treatments. He is always fun to be around, and the house is great, because, again, it is Spanglish. But we are just hoping praying and waiting for him to get better so we can get him to church.

One kind of rough thing happened this week. I don't know if I have mentioned them before, but the Tessels, a really nice couple, who is actually the family that we went with Bro. Anderson to give some blessings, they are converts of a little under a year, and he had a stroke type of thing a few months ago, and left him not remembering anything, not even his wife. He had since recovered. But on Thankgiving the same thing happened again. Went into the hospital and was not remembering or recognizing anything. We went and visited him a couple times actaully already, and he is already doing great. he is remembering everyone and seems pretty back to normal. They did some tests and found cloggage in his artery to his brain, which was causign the problems, and are now doing tests to see how to go forward. So keep him in your prayers.

So on the way the first time to the hospital to see him something amazing happened. We actaully ended up going to the wrong hospital, because there are 2 literaly within minutes of each other. While we were looking for his room, which obviously turned out not to exist, we ran into 2 members from Brentwood, further out on Long Island. They said Hi Elders and asked us if we spoke Spanish. They were Bro and Sis Andia form Peru, who I had actually heard about from Elder Lee, on how cool they were, anyways, they needed help. They needed some translating done for them, which was fairly easy, got that all taken care of, and then had us give a blessing to their daughter who is in the hosptial with cancer, who is 15. It was great to talk them them, and great to help. I think it was amazing how the Lord put us in each others paths so perfectly, and it was even at the wrong hopsital.

On Sunday I think as I mentioned I had to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke on unity with Church. I think it went fair.

Those were the main points of the week. It was good.

I did get with Brenda on tuesday and I am on the new pump. It uses the same pods, just the PDM is new. She gave me a sheet of things that if the falling of problem persists to try.

I coudl not get ahold of the mission doctor. I believe he was out of town for the holiday, but I will be getting ahold of him asap. I will call today and see.

Well, I better get going. I love you.

-Elder Miller

PS, Oh, about Stacy Jennings, I probably need to know when she is coming, because it is possible next tuesday I will be in a new area. So yet me know, and i will etl you know.

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