Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 10, 2010

Hey All,
As you all know, it was great to talk to everyone too. It was good to hear that everyone is doing well. It was weird to hear about Heidee doing things it seems like I just barely did, and things like that. It really has been a while since I have been around. But that's how it goes. But it really was great.
You got the weather pegged here obviously. It seems like this week is going to be a lot of really sunny days that look beautiful, but are actually really chilly when you actually go outside. But that is about how I like it. Today we are going to have a Zone Activity, we are playing Ultimate Frisbee in Flushing Meadows Park, it will be really nice. Perfect wear a sweater and feel great weather.
The work is still going great like I talked about yesterday. So hopefully it just keeps going the way it has been, well, I guess I hope it progresses because progression is always great. But I don't have any complaints. :)
Well, I am sure as everyone figured this letter is probably going to stay pretty short, because, well since it has been one day I haven't come up with much else I can think to talk about. So just like you said this will probably be the shortest email ever. Haha.
Okay, so as far as the list.
1. I will tell you the things I needed/wanted next week if that is okay. I can tell you 2 things right now I can think of, one was possibly Cliff Bars, and the other one was the McCormick Chili mix stuff, you know what I mean, I am just explaining it really bad. But you are the expert at those things. So those were the 2 I thought of, but I am sure there are more if I take some time and think.
2. I totally forgot to bring my card. I promise next week I will send the pics and testimony.
3. I also didn't have time to get and exact count, but next week.
Well, I love you all tons. Longer email next week. :)
-Elder Miller

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