Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hey All,
So things were pretty good this week. It was a really long week, I am not really sure why, but it sure seems like it has been years since I have emailed ya'll last. But it is all good, I had a pretty good week.
I will be coming home with Elder Furlong, we will probably be on the same plane, I am not sure exactly how many of us Utahns are going home that day, I know of at least a few, so yeah. It will be weird, you might be at the Airport with the Whettons, strange.
Weather here has been pretty warm, not very fun. Some few really sweaty days, not really my favorite. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain I think, that won't be fun either. But as we know, we only have more heat ahead of us, hopefully I will get transfered to a car area so i can get some air conditioning. But who knows.
The transfers will be a week from tomorrow, so next week I will be able to tell you if I am leaving or not, although it is 95% sure that I will be leaving, and next week I will probably not know to where, unless it is fluke, so you might have to wait another week to find that out.
Okay, so a couple fun things that happened this week.
-Okay, so remember Javier? He is the one who got baptized like 3 months ago now I guess. Well, so I guess a couple weeks ago he and Hma. Pepin, a great member in our ward, and actually the first person I met when I came to Rego Park, started dating. It is a kind of a weird looking couple, he is like a 50 year old Mexican, and Hma Pepin is like a 45 year old Dominican lady. Anyways, as the story goes the other Elders go over to Hma Pepins house on Friday to visit her, and she isn't home, but her Brother in Law is there. And he tells them, Um, she is not here right now, she is at the court house getting married. So yep, Javier and Hma Pepin are now married. It is super strange, it went super fast. But I guess you can't really complain, it is a great option, he is married to a great legit member, you can't ask for more for a recent convert I guess. Hopefully now all that is left is them getting sealed in a year. But yeah, that went quick. 2 weeks or so frrom starting dating to married. Crazy Javier.
-Something kind of fun we got to do, it Elder Call goes around the mission and does this Fireside things with other missionaries, and there has been this new one that was planned by some other missionaries called "He is Risen". Anyways, we got to go down to Brooklyn and do that one, so that was pretty fun. It was funny, because obviously everyone knew about it, including President, so it was all legal and approved, but on the surface it broke a lot of rules. Number 1 you are not allowed to leave your area, and obvioulsy, Brooklyn is not in our area. Secondly, to get to Brooklyn you have to take the train through Manhattan, which is obviously out of our mission. And thirdly, you are supposed to be home at 9:30 and in bed at 10:30. Well, the train ride home took like 2 hours because the express trains were not running, and we were still in Manhatattan at 10:30. Haha. So it was pretty funny. We ended up getting home at about 11:15. But it was really fun and went well.
Other than that the work is going well, we have a few new people that are looking really good, and our other people I have told you about are still doing well.
Okay, as far as the Bars and seasoning, wait until next week to send it if you would. Then it wil be after transfers and I will not have to pack it. So yeah, that would be great. I think I thought of something else I wanted, but I forgot, so I will see if I can come up with it, maybe tell you next monday. Anyways, so wait on it.
Other than that I think everything is going pretty well. This past week I hit my 21 month mark which was pretty cool.
Well, I have to get running. I love you all and I will talk to you all next week.
-Elder Miller

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