Monday, May 24, 2010

May 23, 2010

Hey All,
So this week was one of my craziest weeks yet. You will hear why. So first things first I guess.
Got our transfer calls on Saturday. As expected I am getting transfered, so I am packing my bags today. I still don't know where I am going, and will not know until tomorrow, so that means you won't know until next week. Maybe I will get ahold of Hmo. Ovalle and have him text you so you know. If I could pick I think I would pick to go back to Lynbrook, but we will see what happens. So anyways, that is the big news on that. It will probably be my last area, which will be weird, with one or two more companions.
Okay, so now for my week, I think I will go day by day, so you can see how crazy it was.
Monday - P Day, and then after P Day we went and dropped off dinner for some of our investigators, after which we went to a member and less actives house and had a family home evening.
Tuesday - We had what is called "Deep Clean". We do it once a transfer to make sure that the pad stays looking good. We tore apart our pad and made it look really good. Then at night we had Coorelation, our meeting with the Ward Mission Leader.
Wednesday - Elder Call had to practice with a couple other Elders for a musical number. Then after that we went and did some service at a Senior Citizens Center. Then we went and looked up Media Referrals in Forest Hills, the nicer part of our area. Then we had a normal night of missionary work.
Thursday - went and looked up a few people, then we had our weekly planning. After planning we had another normal night of missionary work.
Friday - We had Zone Conference. Elder Ringwood from the Seventy came and talked to us. It was pretty good. It was nice to hear from him. Then we went home and ate. Afterwards there was a fireside with Elder Ringwood, so that took up the day.
Saturday - In the morning the office elders needed our help, because they were taking some things to go in storage in Manhattan, and when you get there you can't stop the car, so you need 2 elders to move the stuff, and 2 to stay with the car. Well, we get there and there is a Flea Market going on on the exact same street, so we end up not even being able to do it. Lame. So we came back. Then we had like a little picnic with Tatiana and Francisco, a kind of goodbye. It was nice. Then Elder Call had another one of his Firesides, so we went all the way out to Brentwood in Long Island. So that was the day.
Sunday - Church and such.
So it was way crazy and out of the norm. But anyways. Today Hmo. Ovalle is going to take us out to lunch which will be really fun.
Everything else is going well. Just kind of the same old same old. Nothing too crazy or exciting.
I think I am still good on supplies and all. You should be good to send the package whenever you want, feel free to put whatever else you want to put in it too. :) I don't think I can think of anything specific that I need though.
Oh yeah, I sent a couple packages your way just of stuff that I don't want to carry around anymore, so you should be getting those soon. If you could just put them in my room or whatever, that would be great.
Well, I love you all so much. I will talk to you next week, when you know where I am. Haha.
-Elder Miller

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